In This Moment – Anita Cameron Chapbook

Anita in a purple sweater with her eyes closed leaning against a brick wall.
Color cover of the chapbook. Side view close up of Anita.

ITM demonstrates the breadth and scope of revolutionary work happening in Rochester’s Black communities.

ITM chapbooks elevates the contributions, stories and images of local Black leaders, photographers and writers in order to: 

• provide educational resources that include the voices of people who are often underrepresented
• increase student and community understanding of contributions of Rochester’s Black communities and the importance of representation
• increase student and community engagement around the effects of implicit bias, systemic racism, and inclusion
• increase level of cultural competence among students, educators and community members
• reduce incidence of microaggressions

Anita’s Chapbook has been distributed at schools, libraries and universities all over Rochester and Monroe County.

See and hear Anita’s Chapbook with link below to read and listen to Anita’s Chapbook.

Anita in a black suit wearing a mask sitting in a chair holding her Chapobook with a projected screen behind her with a black and white image of her from the chapobook that reads, We who believe in freedom cannot rest. There is an image of another person with the quote "It was a necessity. It was a must."
Anita at the opening event for the Chapbook.