Anita Cameron Receives Disability Justice Grant 


Borealis Philanthropy’s Black-Led Movement Fund (BLMF) and Disability Inclusion Fund (DIF) launched The Black Disabled Liberation Project, a co-funding initiative to resource organizing happening at the critical intersection of disability and Blackness. 

The Black Disabled Liberation Project is meant to challenge the historical lack of investment in Black disabled activists—and make clear how the philanthropic sector can center and resource their leadership, wisdom, and solutions moving forward. The funding initiative is the first and only of its kind.

My project is one of 10 Black-led disability justice projects to receive grants totaling $1M – each project receives $100K over a two year period.

Here’s a description of my Project:

“We Were There, Too: We Were There, Too: Blacks in the Disability Movement is a project led by Anita Cameron, a Black disabled lesbian whose leadership has been present at historical moments in both the disability rights and justice movement. Her activism has ensured ongoing liberation from nursing homes and institutional care, especially for marginalized disabled community members with limited access to privilege and advocacy power. Anita’s new project will highlight the contributions of Black disabled people in the disability rights movement, which often gets erased by white, disabled-led disability rights movement leaders.”

The end goal of the Project is to create a collection of recordings, stories, materials and artifacts that will be housed in a setting that will allow access to the community, as well as scholars and historians.

ID: Anita Cameron holds a copy of their book, My Itty Bitty Bio

Anita Cameron holds a copy of their book, My Itty Bitty Bio. Anita is wearing a mask and in a wheelchair inside a hotel lobby at a conference.

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